Gender in focus

Gender is a high institutional priority for CIFOR. We integrate it into our work in two ways: through research projects specifically designed to inform gender-equitable policies, and through our gender integration team, which works with scientists to ensure gender is firmly rooted in all of CIFOR’s research and engagement activities.

“If we don’t take a gendered approach [to REDD+], we’re likely to do more harm than good for women”

Our tools and manuals are resources not only for CIFOR and CGIAR scientists but also for wider audiences. Some resources are featured on the FAO Gender Publications webpage. DFID used our poster 8 reasons why gender matters to people and forests for internal awareness raising; and CARE Nepal has translated CIFOR’s manual Integrating gender into forestry research into Nepali to use in training.

Some of CIFOR’s gender publications in 2015 include: